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  1. Yes, they have and it is much appreciated.
  2. OK, thanks. Will give it a try.
  3. Billy: Which hose? Bigger diameter hose on left or smaller on right (in your pic) ? And am I supposed to feel a lump or knot? Or what?
  4. Landar, can u elaborate on that some? What position should it be in to allow heat?
  5. Thank you, Sha4000. That makes perfect sense. I will certainly check the coolant level before going any further. And the Thermostat is likely overdue to be changed anyway. Fingers are crossed. Appreciate the feedback!
  6. What would cause my climate control to not generate any heat after setting temperature to 73 degrees and vent closed on recirculate? Just started this 2 days ago. MY car is a 1998 LS400, 84K miles. Very well maintained. Car is not overheating. Just looking for ideas and comments, thanks.
  7. Thanks Jim. I will just hope that the unit holds up as long as I have the car. Not looking forward to replacing anything.
  8. Anyone who has a Gen 2.5 LS400 like me have or had any problems with their Navi system? Not that I have so far, but my car is now 14 yrs old and I shudder to think what I would do if it went south all of a sudden. It contols so much stuff (GPS, Climate & sound). How long do these units last on average? And what do u do if yours dies? Junkyard seems the only option...
  9. Beautiful car, Billy. Also nice to finally have a face to go with the name!
  10. LOL! Yeah, I just crank up the stereo. Will take a goood look with a flashlight this coming week. Route 66....indeed!
  11. ...what the hell could be loose? I've got no stuffed geranimals, tools or CD cases, etc back there. Do I need to go up under from inside the trunk? Drivin me batty.
  12. Agree with Turbomini-if it is what you like, that's all that matters. It's YOUR car!
  13. You have a similar problem as I did. You have to consider the age of your car, not the milage at this point. At a minimum, you need a Timing Belt/Water Pump replacement, all critical fluids (brake, transmission, differential & radiator) flushed and replaced, Strut Rods and Motor Mounts checked and possibly replaced if worn. Also get a 4 wheel alignment. Find a well recommended Lexus independent mechanic in your area, have him go thru your car and compare his assessment to the dealer's list. You don't have to do everything at once, but I assure you, most of the above will need to be done at
  14. My 1998 LS400 has the Nav, HID self leveling headlights. wood, CD, Analog (non useable) phone in console & Pioneer stereo. Fully decked out @ $58K new, I have the original window sticker. But thank God it does NOT have the air suspension, so as the above poster says, if those two rocker swiches are not on the console, you have conventional coil suspension. Which is a lot better. Sounds like a great buy. Go for it.
  15. Totally agree with this prognosis on the Strut Rods. Had mine done a few weeks ago (posted elsewhere here) and brother! did that make a HUGE difference. My car was pulling to the left, and sure as hell, while both bushings were shot, the left one was even worse. Mechanic showed them to me after removal. Rubber had cracked when he inserted a screwdriver and wiggled it around. Best money you could spend to correct this vibration thing, and this item is often overlooked. Now when I let go of the wheel, the car stays straight as an arrow with zero vibration.
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