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  1. Charles, I can't seem to figure out haow to PM or e-mail you. Send me an email at I wil reply with more info and pics. Matt
  2. I posted here a few days ago regarding the possibilty of selling my 1994 LS 400, per the responses it is on Craigs List (Seattle). If you are interested in a little older with less miles give me shout.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. It is pretty nice and has some new 18" SC wheels and new tires. So with 153k and no problems is $8000.00 out of line?
  4. Ok, I have decided to sell/trade my 94 LS400. The problem is that no area dealers (Seattle) are willing to give me a fair trade on it. I know that you usually get taken on a trade, but it has been rediculous. For those who have bought/sold lately, how did you do it? Auto Trader, Newspaper, etc?
  5. At first glance I could find no signs of leaking fluid on anything and none is ever dripping to the ground. I would estimate at least 1/2 quart in the last 3 months, if going to the alternator would it still be working? I will look into your suggestions in further detail and report back with findings. Thanks for the help.
  6. Posted this yesterday, but did not go through. Every month my 94 LS400 needs PS fluid, as evident by first the squealing sound and then the reservoir level being low. Steering is fine while low and the same after I top off the fluid, except the noise goes away. I have no visable leak, but am going through the PS fluid way too fast. Where is it going, and how can I fix it?
  7. mig25, Just posted my set on E-bay 16" Chrome LS 400 wheels and tires. They are in great shape and can be head at a very resonable price. Let me know. Matt
  8. Alex - I recently changed out the OEM stuff on my 94 with a new set of SC rims (18") and a set of 245/50/18 from Tire Rack. I am very pleased with the combo and have not noticed any issues with the fit. On the flip side I still have my stock 16" wheels and mostly shot Pilot's. If you are interested let me know or they will probably be going on e-bay soon!