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  1. It certainly would - you may want to check with Coastaletech to see if you will need the "audio isolator" device for the Vais unit. I installed the LX470 XM kit into my GX and I did not need that extra piece from Coastaletech. I like having the OEM XM kit, but only downside is the lower volume level on the XM. It is my understanding that the Vais unit has an adjustment to increase the level out so that it more closely matches your other audio sources. Unfortunately the lockpick unit I got did not work properly and I am waiting for the replacement one to arrive. It worked fine for the "I
  2. You absolutely have to take out the nav screen as the place where the lockpick installs is directly behind the screen. Yes it is intimidating, but very very easy. The first time I took an hour carefully taking off the trim pieces, now I can have it out in less than 5min. There are detailed pics on the forums (do search) but it basically involved removing the side pieces by the shifter and then the vent/trim on either side of the screen. From there 5 bolts to remove the screen and you have access to what you need.
  3. GM, Ford, and Chrysler all produce "flex fuel" vehicles and have for quite some time (years.) Most people who own them have no idea their cars can take either E85 or regular gas. There are also a few single cars from Toyota and Nissan that are flex fuel capable. These are typically cars that are manufactured specifically for the US market - like the full size trucks.
  4. Just picked up the OEM Lexus cargo liner from my dealer in Seattle. $95 and not bad for the price. It is more black than gray, but does match the rear bumper tread perfectly. It does say "Lexus" on it and it has cutouts for 3rd row seats and/or cargo net. Part#: PT218-60053-11 for Dark Grey. Also in Ivory apparently.
  5. I also have the Lexus all-weather mats, but Lexus does not make a mat for the rear cargo area. If they made one, I would buy it. My dealer stocks the "husky" mats for the back, but if going aftermarket, there are lots of options and wonder if anyone has tried any of the other aftermarket brands.
  6. I have looked at Weathertech, Husky, and a couple of others that are more"carpet" like rather than the rubber ones. Just wondering people's experience and happiness with various mats? Color matching? Thanks
  7. Using Motorola Mpx220 Smartphone with my '05 GX. Only glitch is can only transfer a single contact at a time into the cars phonebook. Otherwise it works great. Service through any GSM (Cingular, TMobile, ATT)
  8. I keep my suspension on full sport all the time. I prefer a tigher ride, but compared to my other cars, even at full sport the GX feels very cushy (cushy in a good way.) I just got back from a Seattle to Whistler drive and was totally impressed how the GX did on the curves along the mountain roads. Plus I had four people, all our gear, and the back was happily watching Lord of the Rings. I couldnt be happier. Now if we are comparing ride quality to say, a LS sedan, well...of course there is going to be a difference. For what the GX is, I dont know of a better vechicle in its class. Pe
  9. For a little more money look into the "clear bra" or "stongard" paint protection film made by 3M. Apparently a lot of dealers are installing this now, previously had to go outside shop. I have this product on all 3 cars and it is worth the $ it costs. It completely covers the front bumper, over the hood (about 12" back) door edges, under door handles, mirrors, etc. The metal will dent before the paint chips with this product on. You can barely see it on the car - so I think it would look a lot better than a plastic guard that you can never easily clean underneath. Since I discovered thi
  10. All Motorola phones will only load one contact at a time with bluetooth. Lexus software disables the keypad for dialing numbers once you start moving - just like disabling some of the NAV features. You should be able to dial out from the phone, however, while using the handsfree system. I have been using a Mpx220 with the same issues. I feel we should have the ability to use all features of the NAV, phone, and DVD while moving. Granted Lexus wants to limit thier exposure to potential lawsuits, but there has to be a better way.
  11. I agee... I wanted my GX when I wanted my GX. I was willing to pay a little more to have the first one with all the options that I wanted (plus a few.) I knew that I was not going to negotiate any great deal on a '05 when they still had a couple of new 04's on the lot. To me, a little extra $ to get me what I want when I want it is worth it. In the end, I was very satisfied with the deal I struck with the dealer and am totally happy with the car.
  12. I bought at Lexus of Seattle ( I bought in December and it was the very first '05 they got off the truck. They had a couple of other non-sport GX's originally, but not sure what they have now. Great dealer experince. It is the first car I purchased from them, but my familty has purchased and serviced with them for a while.
  13. Bellevue typically does not budge on the first new model year cars. I looked there and ended up buying mine in Seattle (Lynnwood). I ended up with the first '05 they got in that had sport pkg. Lexus of Seattle is not even remotely close to me, but service is fantastic and they gave me a little deal on the '05 - not much mind you...Had I wanted one of the last '04's on the lot, I could have made a much better deal. I am sure you (and I) could have saved a few thousand if we waited for 6months or so.
  14. My '05 sport model has grey interior with aluminum and dark (nearly black) wood trim. According to my information, only the grey interior is an option for sport...hmmm....anyway, it looks fantastic. Only exterior clues are the wheels and roof rails are a different "black chrome" look.
  15. I guess I can be happy to report that my 1mth old '05 with sport pkg is smooth under all situations. No vibration, No 'thump', just a pleaseure to drive. I noticed that my car came with Michelins from the factory. Maybe these issues have been somewhat worked out in the new '05s?
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