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  1. i know with the audi a8 you are modify the oem suspension to ride in the low mode and stay. i'm sure there is a way to do it with the lexus as well. anyone?
  2. i have a small basin that i put on top of the skid plate to catch the oil from the filter
  3. i paid 295 and dealer programmed it right there. insurance paid for it though so i did not car how much it cost
  4. how many miles did u have? i'm experiencing the samething in my gx...i have audi a4 did the samething and was replaced under warranty...but i think lexus warranty does not cover brakes.
  5. This is always a funny, heated, emotional and/or personal discussion. Kind of like s*x and religion. There will always be someone who aquired something similar at or below what you paid. But, you don't always here what the guy who paid to much has to say. If you paid below the MSRP, you did not pay TOO much. If you got it near invoice, you got a better deal. But, location and availabilty always dictate that fluctuation. I did not get a great deal on my truck. But, than again, there were FEW of my option package available in Southern California at time I made my purchase. So I do not feel I paid too much, nor do I think others who paid less got a better deal. In my last visit to the dealer for routine service they had 1 GX in inventory. It is too popular at this time around here. If I was looking for an LX ... they had about 10 of those. :) To paraphrase the words of Robert W Wood Jr. and and SW03ES ... don't worry about the price stuff and forget about it, just enjoy it. B) ← I'm just curious to see what others have paid...It sounds like many of you did quite well at the dealer. I guess you win some and lose some. cheers
  6. I would just ignore them. Write them a letter and a photo copy of the contract.
  7. I bought my 05 GX 3rd row, navi, and rear spoiler in dec for $52,000. Did not have internet access for 2 months during that time and was pressed for time b/c account suggested we buy a suv before the end of the year. I felt like a girl wallking into the dealer b/c i had no info on invoice prices and figures of what others are paying. Bought from lexus of bellevue in WA. am i the only one who over paid for their GX?
  8. get a blow dryer and warm up the badges. get floss and in a sawing motion go though the adhesive. remove goo with goo-gone...wash area. stand back and admire. good luck
  9. I have an '05 as well and it states 6200lbs. Does your '05 go thump? ← No thumps...i have 1600miles on it.
  10. i read in the forums somewhere what you can use a 04or 05 v8 4runner oil filter. can someone confirm this? where else can u get the cabin filter and air filter from other than the dealer? thanks
  11. I was thinking of debadging the rear except the lexus symbol...what do u guys think?
  12. I don't know about you 03, 04 owners...but my05 stickers states GVW guys had me worried.
  13. i just bought a 05 gx470 in dec. ash gray, gray interior/nav/3rd row/rear entertianment/tow/rear spoiler....just loving the car...already put on 1300 miles in 1 month. thinking about doing the nav mod....if this is preformed can you enter distination while moving? anyways i'm excited about sharing new ideas with you guys....mods to come are rear debadge and chrome exhaust tip. see ya around