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  1. I learned this hint from another RX forum. Use the handle on the driver's door.
  2. After the hatch closes press the round little bump to the right of the other button on the hatch. I never bother to take out my key.
  3. I loved having a spot for my purse. I don't miss my 400h, but wish the new new RX had a better design so I could put my purse somewhere convenient when I have a passenger. Otherwise the newer RXs are a great improvement.
  4. It can be programmed by the dealer to open. I had it done.
  5. [i think it was about $600 in August. I don't really remember, but if you use the ding repairs a few times it certainly is worth it. My IS has had 5 dings repaired in 2 years and every year it gets a new polyshield coating. Of course when I got that insurance I believe it was cheaper. Even when Tilex was splashed all over the side it didn't stain or fade. In fact it didn't penetrate at all. I believe a coating is also placed and the insurance covers the windshield, too. I've never had a problem with any of my cars' windshields though.
  6. This is the info about the new coating. I saw it here first. My service advisor did confirm that it is on the 2011s. http://wheels.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/09/24/seat-of-the-pants-driving-lessons-courtesy-of-lexus/ The polyshield coating that I have was part of the ding protection I purchased. No, I don't think it was ridiculously expensive because it covers all dings for 5 years. I have it on my IS because it received so many dings the first 3 months! Good luck.
  7. The 2010 is a lighter color and the leather is much softer than the 2006 I had. They started using a new coating in 2011 to resist the jeans rub off effect. I had the polyshield coating applied and so far so good.
  8. That is a good excuse... I still don't understand why you can't pump your own gas in NJ? By the way welcome to LOC! It is great not to have to pump your own gas and our prices are a lot better than other states. They will give you the kind of gas you request. The older RXs could take regular but I was told by service that premium is best for this particular car--not even the middle grade.
  9. Dealing with XM was a nightmare. Each call was an hour and a half or more affair. Finally I couldn't stand it. Sending the signal didn't work (did it so many times) to get the traffic data to my car radio. The dealer took over. It was a nightmare for them, too. One man spent like 6 hours straight. After a week Lexus installed a new radio. It worked for a day and then all the satellite stations and signals were gone. They had to reregister the new radio. All in all the first 3 weeks I owned the car it was at Lexus for about 12 days! I did have a loaner.
  10. Its nothing compared to the RX400h which is a different system! Its one of the reasons I got rid of the 400h.
  11. Interesting. I've only had mine for a few weeks but it is quiet and smooth. However, I've had the "opportunity" to have different loaners with different tires. My Michelins are quiet and smooth but I noticed that the Bridgestone Duelers H/L were very rough and louder. It was a very new loaner so that isn't a factor. We thought it was the road but I had been down the same road in my own car.
  12. I had the same problem on my RX400h. My new car hasn't been to the car wash yet. However, I came across this! http://www.detnews.com/article/20100909/AUTO03/9090370/1148/auto01/License-plate-holder-protects-front-bumper
  13. My RX 400h originally required premium but it was changed and when I inquired the service advisor said I could use regular. If it acted up use 2 tanks of premium. When I switched to the new 350 I asked him again and this time he said it was important to use the premium and that it would be smoother and get better mpg. Even though it is about 35 cents more per gallon I have continued with the premium.
  14. Well, when your tire has to be replaced they just replace it. You don't pay anymore. I've already done it without a problem.
  15. Unfortunately yes. In 8000 miles we had to replace 3 tires due to potholes. I know Costco has the warranty, but how many times will they be willing to replace for free??? The roads to Hoboken did us in.
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