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  1. Does anyone know if the engine in the 2010 RX350 still has a timing belt. Or does it now have a timing chain which does not have to be changed.
  2. Hey RX guy. This is not the response we are looking for. When starting the car in the cold mornings, we do not want cold air coming out of the dash vents while the system is waiting for the heat to generate. When the system is waiting for heat, no air whatsoever should come out of the vents. Is this a problem with the duct doors not closing tightly or is there a way to keep all air from coming through the vents until the heat is ready to come on.
  3. In the 'climate' screen on your nav you can turn off the fan altogether, which will prevent any air (recirc or otherwise) from coming through the vents.
  4. I had the service manager show me where the button was on my 2010 RX350. The manual does not accurately depict where it is. You have to go under the driver's side dash board and look up. It is just to the left of the light next to the accelerator pedal but a little more and on a black piece of plastic. To reset the tps, turn the engine off and then push the start button twice without your foot on the brake. The dash lights will come on and then puch the reset button under the dash until the tire warning light blinks three times and goes off. If it doesn't go off, the tire pressure is too low and you have to inflate the tires to 32 lbs and then do the steps again until the warning light goes off after three blinks.
  5. Has anyone noticed that cold air comes out of the dash vents when the heat is on in the mornings.
  6. My outside temperature always shows about 10 degrees cooler than the actual outside temperature. Does anyone know if there is a dealer fix.