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  1. Not only is the volume level much lower in SAT radio in my RX350, but it seems to be getting even lower over the last week. Anything happening with XM Canada?
  2. Just wondering about the oil used in the 2010 RX's. Is it true synthetic oil? I have a friend who just bought an Audi and is supposed to change the oil at 10,000 km or one year. We have to change at 6,000 km or 6 months. Audi advised him that the RX's are probably not using real synthetic oil but perhaps some kind of mix? Anyone have any information on this?
  3. Never had that problem with a new vehicle. Sounds like you need to get it in and have the charging system checked. I would ask for a new battery for sure.
  4. OK, before people start blasting, let me start by saying that this is my first RX, I'm a straight male and have no insecurities about my gender! I love the RX, and think it looks great. I've had a couple of guys respond when I tell them I bought an RX with " you bought a lady's vehicle"? Anybody else get this? Is the RX considered a ladies car? I think it's one of the better looking SUV's out there. Any comments or feedback?
  5. Hi new here. Although I can feel some of the frustration of tommcgraw, I do like my new 2010 RX350. However I have owned other luxary vehicles and have found a few obvious design flaws in the RX350. The auto temperature and the windshield wash spray are two issues, in addition to the obvious and blatant flaw in the arm rest console! Terrible design, inconvenient and very impractical to access. Again, those design flaws asside I do like driving the RX!