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  1. Do you think you would of cleared with a 30mm spacer? How does you car feel, drive and ride with the 40mm spacers? Also how was the install process, pretty much bolt ons? Where did you get the camber adjustment bolts?
  2. Following. I'd love a skid plate. I'm fairly certain most will just be custom.
  3. Does anyone know what his wheel specs and tires are? Most importantly, I know he is obviously lifted as he stated earlier in the forum but I don't think he's on here much to reply. I'm wondering if his wheel and tire setup would work on a stock suspension with no lift and whether it would clear front and rear struts. Kev Ho old rx300 rig used to run 16x8 with a +18 offset. I'm hoping to run something similar 16x8 but with a +0 offset on stock height and struts. I hoping to find answers as I don't want a lift or do spacers. Trying to keep it stock height but clear my struts and fender. Thanks.
  4. I don't know who this member is but I would love to know this person wheel and tire specs. I'm not totally certain but it looks like he/she is on stock height as well.
  5. Thanks for writing back Kev even though you don't own the car anymore. Congrats on your Jeep, can't beat a true rear axle overlander like a jeep. I'm sure you'll have tons and tons of options for that car over the RX300. There is little to nothing out there for the first gen but I like seeing a few select folks on here still who've managed to figure a setup for light overlanding. I considered what you shared on your specs for the wheels with a +18 offset which is why I assumed a +0 offset would work especially with a same wheels size and width as you had (16x8). I know another member had a zero offset with method 16x8.5 wheels but he didnt clarify whether his modifications to the front control arms tie rods and sway bar end links and all the the struts being new were related to his wheel and tire setup. It sounded like his wheels and tires cleared just fine and he just decided to modify the front control arm tie rods and the sway bar end links. I tried to message him but no response but I know how forums go, usually slow. Not like a facebook reply lol
  6. nice, is this your rig? nice wheels too
  7. Hey brotha, just curious were all the control arm tie rods , sway bar link and strut replacements necessary for this wheel and tire setup you have here? Or were those things you just decided on while you did the full wheel and tire setup.
  8. Man, I'm sorry to hear about your RX but glad you're alive. I'm looking at some 16x8 vision wheels with a +0 offset. Hoping it clears a stock struts with a more conservative tire setup like yours. I dont fancy changing out my stock springs or spacers either. Did you get another RX to replace you RX300?
  9. Are you still on stock ride height? Those tires look like they would clear the struts. What's your wheel and tire setup?
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