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  1. Hi, Do you have a procedure to replace the timing belt (with pictures or lexus manual) on a 2004 GX-470, mine is just about 108k miles and it is time for the replacement. The dealer wants 550dollars + parts. I think I can do it my self with correct procedure.
  2. ALL, I recently had to replace the height sensors on my GX-470. The dealer had no idea on how to adjust the height. I did some manual adjustments on the sensor it self and observed that one can change the height position for NORMAL setting to ensure the vehicle is at correct height. However I had many questions in my mind. -What is the HEIGHT Specification at NORMAL POSTION . -Is the response from the LEFT sensor different from the RIGHT Sensor. -What is the starting point. -Since FUEL TANK is on drivers side, how do we compensate for weight and height difference from LEFT to RIGHT
  3. Hi, Can you email me a copy of the TSB Or point me to location where I can download. I have a 04 gx470 with the famous sound. Thanks
  4. Thanks Brick. I will try this and let you know the results. Have you downloaded this before? Why do you need a dual layer DVD if the file size is less than 4gig? If I am not mistaken, a blank DVD has at least 4.7GB? Rj the file is a compressed image file, so after you uncompress it into the actual DVD image, it'll be 8+ GB and will only fit a DL DVD. Also, Verbatim discs have been noted to be the best to use with the Nav unit. Hi, I have a 2004 GX470, Which version is compatible with my NAV system. I have 3.1 that is very old. Where can I download the software and what is the proc
  5. Yes you can, you use version 4.2 GEN 4 and these files INDEXDAT.KWI, LOADING.KWI, 05.CMP and IDX folder files then add the rest from the latest version. Hi I have a 2004 GX-470, My NAV software version is 3.1 I tried ejecting my DVD and observed that there was no DVD in the drive. The NAV system is working but needs a upgrade. -Is there a special procedure to eject DVD? -Does NAV system work without DVD in the drive? What version would be compatible with my system ? Any help about how to do the upgrade would be welcome. Thx
  6. Please can you email me a copy of this TSB, My 2004 GX-470, Dealer says is out of comprehensive warranty - I havd 60k miles on it. Any further information or help will be apprcaited. Thx
  7. Hi ALL On my LEXUS GX-470 2004 model, the silver paint on my alloy wheels is pealing. It is really bad and when I contacted LEXUS They declined to help eventhough it is a known issue with all LEXUS GX-470. They said that the vehicle is out of WARRANTY. This is a known issue and is also progrssive, does not happen suddenly. I am surprised that LEXUS gets away with this. Any Ideas on how we can get LEXUS to take ownership for poor quality workmanship. Cheers
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