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  2. Thank you. Probably with next version of LC 500. We have an LS 500 that has a great 360 degree and wonderful front camera.
  3. Ok, thanks sha4000, at least I got some way...
  4. The factory sub works great for me, but the aftermarket stereo and factory amp don’t like each other. What wattage should my new amp be to power the existing subwoofer in a 99 gs300?
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  6. I've owned a 911TT as well as an Aston Martin Vantage....I was thinking the exact opposite...both had greater amounts of brake dust than my LC....What did service say?
  7. Love my LC but the controls can be a touch daunting...I have a RX350 with the throttle-style control/...the LC has a finger touch pad...I prefer the throttle but that's just my opinion.
  8. That's a great idea...any chance Lexus will develop their own...high curbs intimidate me big time...ending up parking 3 feet from curb
  9. I cannot get my 2008 SC430 garage door opener programmed. We have a Liftmaster (new house) garage door. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  10. Cam830

    Hi all...

    Just joined the club and am excited to hear about all things Lexus. I've owned a Lexus for years (RX's all). I currently have a 2017 RX350 (my go-to vehicle) and just purchased a 2018 LC500 (my 3rd midlife crisis vehicle). It's finally getting warm enough to take out the LC (today), although we generally wait until all the gravel is off the highways. Cheers Cam
  11. The other day I was late to an event but my gas lamp had been on for 38mi. While driving I found this discussion and after reading that my tank has a 19.8gal capacity, I decided to take my chances. I made it to the event then to the gas station, 45 miles since the gas lamp had come on. I filled up the tank and when the first click at the pump went, it said 17.8gal. I tried to put more gas in but that was the max. So I guess I had 2 more gallons in the tank.
  12. That's happening to mine now. 4 months left on the warranty. Last time was on an Acura TSL, it was suspension related. I have a "sound" up front too so I'll be dropping it off soon anyway... They will damn sure check it! The recently part doesn't sound right.
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  14. I have drained my power steering fluid and still experiencing the issue.
  15. Don't know if anyone has an answer for this question yet... bugs me too. same year, same model.. es300 2002... anyone knows where i can get the updated discs for the navi too would be helpful. I bought some off of ebay but im getting an error "cannot read map dvd" or something like that.. heard somewhere that there's possibly a software update disc that needs to be run first??? anyway.. Im having all kinda trouble with this car. Only had one working key too.. no fob. Car's clean and after all these years still has low mileage and was VERY WELL maintained. It was a steal. Loving the way she drives though 🙂 Proud to be LOC.
  16. My Is250 F sport 2014. The same problem. Everything works except for volume control. DSP inactive. Treble, mid and bass are frozen, , front, rear left, right, are frozen as well. It is software I think. It came up after I accidentally pushed SOS button in the darkness trying to find light. To me it is class action for Lexus. I’ve read dozens of the same questions in Russian language as well. So it is kind of global problem. I paid today 170$ to a Lexus dealership for diagnostics. They said need to substitute radio. Cost to substitute radio is 2600$. I would spend 500$ for class action and they will fix it for free.
  17. When I start my 97 es300 the climate control is not on until I turn it on. Is that normal? I just bought this car. It did not come with a fob but I see a round turnable knob on the lower drivers kick pannel I am guessing is aftermarket. Being a 97 there isnt a transponder chip, I think. Im thinking of putting in a remote start, its possible that it already has one but my question... Is it normal for the climate control to be off unless the AUTO button is pressed or turned on? Is there a way for it to be turned on when the car is started?
  18. Look up H & R , Eibach or Swift lowering springs for your car. These will lower the car about 1 to 2 inches and give you a stiffer ride. I can't tell you the dimensions of the stuck springs.
  19. Hi, I am having the same problem with my 1992 SC 400 and I found the wires to be broken. I am trying to find the other end deep behind the trunk towards the back seat and am unable to locate anything. I do see a big bunch of wires right there wondering if these wires snapped from there. Can anyone help? Any pics will be greatly appreciated
  20. Oh God! Abs pump? I just bought an 08 gs460. This possibility almost changed my mind. I hope its something other than that my friend.
  21. When it comes to High Performance vehicles, it's not just the horsepower that drivers demand, but the consistent stopping power of what only high performance ...
  22. This pass weekend as I was driving at 40 mph this lights went on my dash , as you can see in the pictures my car has only 40000 miles , could anybody give me an advise or should I just take it to the dealer?
  23. This pass weekend as I was driving at 40 mph this lights went on my dash , as you can see in the pictures my car has only 40000 miles , could anybody give me an advise or should I just take it to the dealer? Anybody knows a Lexus specialist in NY area ?
  24. Does anyone know the location of the OBD-II port on a 2006 SC430? Thanks!
  25. I have a 2010 ES350 with Navigation and I have been noticing this behavior a couple of times. I drive home and all was working fine. Parked the car till the next morning and started to go out but dead radio. Restarted checked fuses but no joy. Without much time to lose, I drove on and 20mins later, the radio starts working. 2 months later same problem and unit came on 30mins later. Last week it went out for 2 days and just came back on this morning on its own.
  26. An unrivalled chauffeured experience. Introducing the Lexus LM, available soon in select Asian markets. Learn more at: ...
  27. It may be a workaround but it's a reliable and standard one. I can't comprehend giving a child the cell phone I depend on to play with. Check the settings on your iPhone to verify that the YouTube Kids app is not sending data to your vehicle over the Voice or Audio stream. Or get an Android phone. Android phones support all the features of Toyota/Lexus vehicle systems. iPhones do not since they do not adhere to industry standards. (I'd like to take a sledge hammer to wife's iPhone!)
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