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Broken Es300 Sunroof Cable?


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We recently purchased a 94 ES300 with only 67,000 orig miles but the sunroof is broke. The prev owner said he had Lexus check it out and they informed him the sunroof cable is either broken or come off on one side. Is this a common problem? The motor makes noise but the roof doesn't go up or back. It seems to move unevenly and then stops. I was wondering how much work it is to fix this myself. He said the dealer wanted around 500 bucks. What are the steps to get into this?

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i think it is unknown the amount of damae until the unit is opened and i have never heard of the problem you are experiancing

sounds like one of the cables is broken

but almost useless as i don;t think parts can be bought only whole units

check with lexus for parts

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The sunroof cables in the older ES300 were a common item I have not sold any for about 3 months but 4 or five years ago I used to sell 2 to 3 sets a month just make sure you get both an have a qualified Automotive glass company do it yiur sunroof will probally have to be reshimmed also hope that helps

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