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  1. I have a used ( 400 miles ) TRD exhaust off my 2005 IS300 (HKS is the actual maker for TRD) it sound nice with a K&N FIPK kit installed togather. I actually took my exhaust off and went with a factory exhaust again when I put xerd headers and racepipe on it the headers changed the sound to drasticly, made it sound like a street bike after 3000rpm and I needed to tone the noise down WASP is tough on tuner sounding cars in the northwest to many young dids killling themselves up here. I aslo agree on suspention or frame supports. I have not dropped any of the thousands of options on mine but I did put TRD front and rear sway bars and frame links on my ride and it was night and day in cornering tightened it up quite a bit. If you would like to see a picture of the exhaust let me know I'm not looking to make a great deal off it. I have a connection at Lexus so I got it originally for a decent price. NINJA LEXUS GUY
  2. I could get it for about $11,000. It is a 2WD model; did that model have transmission problems or was it only the AWD model? Other than transmission, is there anything else I should be especially worried about? Ohhhhhhhh...if it's 2WD you shouldn't have any problems. I have only heard of a few 2WD rx300's that had the tranny problem. Go for it! call your local Lexus Dealer on dealer history if there nice and smart (potenial customer) they will be glad to do it I've been known to do it for my customers. Lexus Ninja Guy
  3. As per the Lexus 01 electrical manual it shows as follows in the picture---- on the left hand side the LH rear speaker goes from SP+ on the transceiver/speaker relay to speaker and the color is black the other lh rear speaker wire goes from SP- on the transceiver/speaker relay to the other side of thr rear lh speaker and the color is yellow-----The lh rear subwoofer goes as follows from WFL+ on the amplifier to the lh sub and its B-W black-white and the other wire goes from WFL- on the amp to the lh side sub and is Y-R yellow-red wire.----On the RH rear speaker wire goes from RR+ on the amp to the RH rea speaker and is RED in color the other RH rear speaker wire comes from RR- on the amp to the rh rear speaker and is WHITE in color THe RH sub goes from the WFR+ om the amp to the rh rear sub and is R-W red-white the other sub wire goes from WFR- on the amp to the other side of the sub and is W-L white-blue stripe -------- I hope that helps more than confuses I took it right out of the factory book if you have and questions let me know or I can e-mail you picts of the diagraghm in the book. Lexus Ninja Guy
  4. Here is the info you needed 04465-48060 can be replaced by 04465-33230 or 04465-33121 or 04465-33180 Also for the rear 04466-33050 can be replaced with an 04466-32050 or 04466-33040 Of course the pad composite is different but I checked both front and both rear numbers and they match right up and are all 4 good Toyota part numbers. Lexus Ninja Guy
  5. If its not to inconveiniant hop into your dealer they should have you in and out in 10 min or less. To bad they dropped the ball and did not give you a personalized features check list at the time of sell and had you check off what you wanted preprogramed at time of delivery. Lexus is really pushing its dealers in that direction this year Lexus Ninja Guy
  6. Give me a day to get back to check I believe some ES pads will work but have to compare them I will get back to you hopefully by 1/5/04 6pm ish PST.
  7. describe the piece exactly I might have some laying around Is it the bezel that houses both ac vents or??? Lexus ninja guy
  8. I have an RX300 and they corrected the problem to a degree. What I've seen and been told by service reps. is in the 99_> early 01 the vehicle would not shift into drive from low 2 until the fluid reached a certain temp. I believe it was around 260*. After it reached optimal temp it would resume a normal shifting pattern. The lousy feel of the transmision would become 10 fold worse if you happen to drive down hills alot before it reached this optimal temp. My 01 RX300 was not to bad, but I have driven numerious others that were downright annoying. I recieved numerous reasons from Lexus as to why it does such a thing, the last one being to keep the emissions down (whatever)! I see quite a few transmisions for older RX300's being replaced by factory remans. with relitivley low miles (under 120,000) these things are very peticular maitenence wise. Even with scheduled maitenence they go out ( in my mind and opinion ) fairly easy considering its a "Lexus". It scars me so much I do my trans. every 15,000 miles and I hope that helps. I recently picked up a RX330 to take over the brunt of the driving miles to preserve my baby alittle longer (currently has 38,000 miles on my 01 silversport) Nijna Lexus Guy!
  9. Alot of the trans problems ( or not problems) can be based on the design when Lexus came out with the great LUV in 99 to meet certain conditions they built the trans to not shift out of final drive until the operating temp. was above 180 degrees (transmision temp that is) this is especially noticable if you travel down hills in the morning when your RX is still cold. I was in an uproar when we first found this out because Lexus just came out with the new GS body and its rattles and door locks that did not work and I thought here we go again, but after Lexus shared the information with us and we shared it with our customers life was better. The caracteristic is not normal for a Lexus vehicle so many people think there trans is going. The shift point was changed the next year so the customer does not feel like there car wont shift out of "D" into final drive. I still get a shock if I drive one home and on the way into work (I live on a hill) I go to stop at a light on the hill and I think it wont go into overdrive and have to reeducate myself. Please make sure if you get your trans fluid changed at a non-factory shop that they use T-4 trans fluid (it can be picked up in quarts now at a TOYO/LEXUS dealer dont let then put in mercon/dex its bad for the tran. (was not made to operate on it) hope this helps LEXUS GUY
  10. TY For the example for me I have been so busy in Lexus land that Its been awhile since I've been able to pop on lexus guy
  11. Lexus will avoid the issue as long as possible the model that was built for the rx330 was completed and working, but did not look good on the back of it when viewed fron behind the vehicle so Lexus heads nixed it and said try again. You did not here that from me though. As for right now ours that cust. insist they need a hitch we send them to draw-tite or local well known hitch makes Hopefully they resolve this issue quikly and not like the GX470 where they built one but they dont back fit pre march 03 for that model. If I hear anything from the corparate guys ill post it for ya lexus guy
  12. Just recieved e-mail from another rx300 owner that there is a number for a draw tite harness on etrailer that is super cheap and works really well so i personally would go that route with an aftermarket hitch piece Lexus guy
  15. Detada makes a 20" and 23" deuce wheel for lx470 that they drilled for me for one of my customers after his wife put 20"s on here GX470 he had to have a set for himself
  16. NP just make sure you drive when cold and feel the diff. shift points 99 only shifted out of drive into o drive after operating temp in car sensor was over 140degrees so it feels different in the am when commuting also after purchase take battery cable off car for over 30 sec. so car has chanc to learn your habits right off the bat not take a couple stop and go cruises before its in synch with its new owner hope that helps lexus guy
  17. Main concern on aftermarket or used hitches on 99 to 01 RX300 is the wiring harnessess. Lexus has changed the ones on 99 to 01 4 times that I have counted in my lexus guy parts bible and the last change did not work on 01-02 models and they had to do something else for those. best bet is go to the dealer (hopefulley get a nice knoledgeable parts person) and have him show you the latest greatest for the retro fit to your 1999 if there no help or not nice email me and Ill give you part numbers for the latest on your year so you can go to dealership empowered with the number so they show you correct one. Once you look at that you will have a better accesment of what an aftermarket one should look like and the tow reciver is basically a piece of steel not much diff. between draw tite and factory. Hope that helps L:exus guy
  18. Lexus classifies things screwed up When I was a Toyota parts manager Toyota would cringe if you went over 60,000 miles without changing it out then when I went to lexus 10 years ago they said 90,000 for the same belt. I had a hard time reprogramming my brain for that. A good example is Lexus says change your oil every 5000 to 7500 miles 5000 being under excellant conditions, but on my 01 I change every 3500 to 5000 they leave a big gap for error in there books and have seen alot of toyota and some Lexus come back with "gel" problems (basically motor oil gunking up and making vehicle smoke at start up and in bad cases accerration!!) So please take there terms of driving conditions with a grain of salt. I have seen to many ES and RX's coming in with 25000 miles toast because customer did not change oil once even though Lexus pays for first one on every new car!! I always tell people oil change it at least every 5,000 miles change coolant at 30,000 and drivetrain fluids every 15 to 25000 depending on freeway miles or back roads and it will last forever!! lexus guy
  19. We had the company try to sell us on the product line but they were really expensive to start. From what I hear from two of our customers who had lets just say german made autos before buying a quality ride swear by them. THey claim they pickup on all spectroms of radar and various devices that the police use to track speed. there were two different models they offered the standard and the deluxe model both are intregated into the car so very little is seen. The easiest way to check is look at the front and rear bumper usually fitted to lic.plate area it looks like a thick black plastic piece with an ledtype area that is best described as the front of a tv remote kinda clear red but cant see into the deluxe model covered both front and rear of car for full coverage the standard model protected rear only. Hope that helps lexus guy goto favorite search engine and type in K40 radar defuser and that should pull up more info for you real popular in europeeon cars.
  20. Up here in the NW part of US we see very little trans replaced in RX300's 1999 had a different shift point until they were warmed (transmission) to a certain point when they were not in operating temp. they felt like they were stuck in gear more noticable going down a hill in morning. RX300's take type 4 Toyota trans fluid they have a US sourced number that has brought down the price by quite a bit the # is 00279-000t4-01 they will give you a price by the quart by that part number. I have seen more RX300 go through are shop for customers not oil changing then enough and they start to smoke from tar like oil build up then transmisions and Ive been watching them go though since 99 I like them so much I bought my wife an 01 silversport!! lexus guy
  21. Lexus recommends that your "tune up" (basically plugs only on the RX300 be changed at the same time as your timing belt at 90,000 miles your other fluids like coolant and trans, ect should be changed before that of course if they did not give you a factory maintenance manual with your owners manual call and request one they are usually free
  22. Call any Lexus dealership and tell then to look in there Factory Lexus collection book it has full plate frame inserts in chrome with a big "L" in the middle in gold/chrome/or black pearl!!! Hope that helps lexus guy
  23. There is a place in Lake Zuriich that makes a factory look alike for the RX300 named automotive accessories inc. I am not sure if they sell to the public but I dont see why not her names Rosanne Neville # is 1-800-285-4133 hope that helps lexus guy
  24. I ll check around for some old ones monday and let you knoe lexus guy
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