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Best Lesson for what makes your ES300h tick.

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I had to watch it about 5 times over several months and take a lot of notes before I could figure out how and why it works.

No telling how much the unit costs to the manufacturer.  Not a clutch in the darn thing.  John also does one on the rear motor which is a lot simpler.

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Good points Dave!

I took my notes and did a report explaining all the modes of operation and how they work.

When I got my first Hybrid 10 years ago, I knew nothing about it and found no resources.

When the car started to move there was always a jolt coming from the car and I actually thought it was an old style starter motor doing that.

Dummy Me!  NO clue...

IF you have ever seen the ugly Inside of an automatic transmission (Torque converter / bands / clutches / gears), you could easily come the the conclusion that the Direct Drive Hybrid transmission is simple, easier to repair and has fewer parts.


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Yes, and that LC500h transmission is amazing, as well.

That being said, I am also a fan of Mazda's 6-speed auto transmission and related technology. That transmission is bulletproof and very intuitive. We live on a hill, and when I back out of the driveway and coast down that hill, the transmission holds the gear that allows me to not have to use the brakes. And when I let off the gas while exiting the highway, after a certain amount of time, the transmission starts downshifting, knowing that I am approaching a stoplight.


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I found an LC 500 for you in Montgomery for 104,000, Dave. Sorry, no hybrid!  

The 2012 Camry h had a similar gear selector  config.  Coming down from the 12,000 foot level at the Rocky Mountain National Park, CO visitor's center, down to about the 6000 foot base of the mountain, and bumper-to-bumper tourist traffic, being able to lock in a selector gear was priceless. Without it, the brakes would have been smoking, baby...  Will I take the LS300h up to the 12,000 foot level for a shake-down?  Probably not - Once was enough...

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