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Wheel hub bearing or wheel assembly?


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Hello, I recently had an issue on my car (GS300) and I’m trying to figure out what’s going on. Unfortunately my baby has a bent in rotor for some reason and I believe it’s preventing me from putting on my spare. I had almost spun out on some black ice on the highway and hit the concrete median so both my front and back tire has a weird angle to it where the bottom of the wheel slants into the car. What could that be ??? If anyone could help with information thats highly appreciated because I don’t have shop money right now lol.



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Hi Jon.....welcome to the Club

It appears that you may have damaged the lower suspension track arm which will need replacing as a matter or urgency and realigning the suspension afterwards.
I would either replace any suspension arms that you can find in that wheel area or take to a garage for them to diagnose what needs renewing.

Let us know how you get on with it

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Ok just to make sure can you tell me if it looks that way with these newer pictures this is the front end with the wheel off. It’s seems my Roger has shifted in on the front side. 



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It's not obvious to see from the photos and it will take a trained mechanic to examine each component to see if there is any deformation from original specs.
With that sort of damage it will need looking at as soon as possible to avoid any further damage occurring or causing an accident.

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