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Need help buying a ls430


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So I’ve been looking at this 2005 ls430 UL I know the air suspension is a big problem a lot of people have. Is this a sign it went bad? They said it had been sitting so I was wondering if that’s why it’s squatting 



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My 22 year old never serviced  or repaired Air suspension on my LS400 1998 never looses height.  works like new. 
Not even noticeably drooping during winter when it is garaged. Reasonably this must mean that the air springs are not leaking at all. As it should be. 
Concerning life etc. My winter LS  on the other hand has the rear coilsprings replaced at 22 years old due to one spring breaking due to corrosion probably.  

There are height sensors fitted that I suppose could be adjusted or modified to give a lower ride . I have never tried any such adjustment. 

I have not checked how the air valves etc on these cars are arranged. However if it drops unattended in a day or two there is a significant leak somewhere and the compressor will need to work a bit to keep it up.  It will  typically get worse. if you wait too long you will also need a new compressor. May become expensive. 

Some say . Convert to conventional springs.  Puts a cap on expenditure.  You can sell working struts to cover some of the cost.  


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