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Front left brake locking up on gx470


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Hi. I just helped a friend put a 2.5 inch old man emu lift on his 06 gx470. We pulled it out of the garage and it drove perfectly for a day. The next day on his way to work the front left brake locked up while he was driving. Now every time he starts it and touches the brake pedal the it locks up on this same brake.

After research I have seen a limited amount of information saying that it may be a dirty or defective wheel speed sensor or a steering angle senser. I have three questions about this. 

1. Has anyone else had this issue?

2. If so what was the fix?

3. Is there anything else I should be looking at that would cause this issue (the calipers are not sticking)?

I appreciate any info you guys have. We were very proud of the way the truck looked and drove for the first 24 hours. It seemed like everything was perfect until this issue came up. The owner of the gx is a close friend of mine and an extremely good person. I really want to get this fixed for him so any help is good help.

Thank you guys. 

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If you had a defective steering angle sensor or wheel speed sensor you'd likely also have a service engine or other system indicator light present.

More than likely you have a bad left front brake caliper or hydraulic hose causing the lock-up. These GX's are known for front caliper problems.

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Typically if an issue surfaces shortly after doing something that could in some way be related, the issue IS related. Certainly, it's be work giving the nearby components a good looking over.


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