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Please let me know what the latest map update is for my 2014 RX 350.

I have a Gen 7 NAV system.

When I look online, all I see is an update from Sept 2018. Is there a more recent one?

Thank you

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I suggest asking a Lexus dealer.  The 2013-2015 RX navigation system cannot be updated by the vehicle owner.  You purchase an activation card containing a 1-time use code and then a Lexus dealer technician performs the update using a "Master USB" service tool and inputs the code during the process.  The code the technician enters is then uploaded to a corporate database that is used to prevent an activation card from being used on multiple vehicles.  Navigation activation cards can be purchased from a Lexus dealer - it would be very, very unusual to find one online since they can be used only one time.  Dealers rarely carry these access cards in inventory since they don't have much of a shelf life.  If one is still available for your RX, it should take only a day or two for a dealership to get one for you.

Edit:  I forgot to tell you that the dealership will also have to have the latest version of the master USB service tool since it is what has the map update information on it.  My understanding is that the Lexus organization provides dealerships with these service tools every year but someone on another forum said that a Lexus dealership he contacted had discarded the most current update since the dealership considered it obsolete.  So ... if the September 2018 map update was the final update for your RX system, a dealership will still have to have the September 2018 service tool in order to perform the update.

Very few people seem to update their navigation systems which is probably why so many dealership technicians are clueless on how to update them.  The one last time I bought an activation card for my wife's nav system, the dealership technician was totally unfamiliar with the update process and it took multiple trips back to the dealership to get it done.    Some dealerships charge a bizarre amount of money to perform the update.  The update essentially runs "unattended" after the technician starts it but some dealerships charge as if the technician isn't doing anything else while the update runs.

Map updates for Toyota/Lexus nav systems seem to be being discontinued much sooner than in the past.  Map updates used to be available for 8 or 9 years after the last vehicle using a particular system was manufactured but recently it's been only 4 or 5 years.

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hi, I just updated the navigation system on my rx 2013. I found out this website and it works

I made a payment through Paypal and follow exactly the instruction. After 45 mins waiting, map ans system were updated. 

Dealer gave me a quote $460 includes activation code and labor but I did it by myself and cost $75.

hope this can help

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