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RX300 max acceleration: O/D OFF, LOW mode? opinions please!


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Hi all! For us original LOC members-- I'm Back!! I recently bought another RX300 (for nostalgia, of course). The same as I had 15yrs ago, this time a 2002 RX300 AWD in the same indigo ink pearl. It has 78k miles and purrs like a kitten.


I have a question about achieving max acceleration in particular situations.

Since owning the RX300 15yrs ago, I've grown used to the quick acceleration of the '08 RX400h, '11 GS450h, '12 Bentley Flying Spur, and am finding it annoying trying to merge into traffic with the RX300.


If i wanted to get the best 0-60 time in the '02 RX300, should i switch O/D to OFF? Should i start in Drive or should i shift it to LOW?


And I understand the 99-00 RX300 had a PWR switch near the shifter, but it was replaced with only a SNOW button for the 01-03 years.

Tell me your thoughts!



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Hello, I have a 2002 RX300 with 125813 miles. I'm poor so until the Virus hit I couldn't afford Premium Gas; I bought Regular.

As a result of using Regular Gasoline I would hear a rattling sound from my engine, when accelerating and or when I tried to increase my speed while going up inclines. Of course my MPG went downhill.

I read alot on my situation and discovered that if I disconnect both Battery Terminals for 24 hours (it's what I did - others did it differently) I could reattach my cables, tune in my radio stations and then drive a minimum of 50 miles (I drove more), preferably on a Sunday.

You should notice a huge difference in acceleration and everything else afterwards, including gas mileage.

Evidently our Lexus vehicles (I suppose other makes as well) only perform as good as we drive; if we drive like a Sunday Driver then it'll be slow versus a very quick highway driver .

Try it out. Good luck!

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