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engine starts hard then dies out after sitting idle all winter


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My LX470 has been sitting un started for several months. When I went to start it it turns over fine and attempts to start.It then appears to starve out and stops. I changed  the fuel filter and nothing changed.Can the fuel pump fail after setting a long time? I put a can of engine mechanic in the gas tank in an attempt to eliminate any water build up in the tank. Could this be a source of the problem? Any Thoughts out there for next attempts?. 

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I think this is what you should've put in the tank before the hibernation period:


You may have to have the tank drained and refilled. As a general rule of thumb, before many months of storage:
* Pour a bottle of Stabil in the gas tank.
*Disconnect the battery or connect a battery tender to it to keep it topped off.
*Change the oil and filter.
* increase tire pressure to max listed on tire to prevent flat spots.
* Leave the windows down or throw some desiccant packs in the car.

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