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Need advice on buying Lexus


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It is easy to look up late model Lexus cars on national used car sites.   You should be able to figure out what the car is worth easily.   Next you have to evaluate how well the car was taken care of.   It is best to put it on a lift and have a mechanic look at it and drive it.   You can't do that long distance. 

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Not sure about the 2.0L turbo engine in that IS. You should drive it to make sure it has enough power for you. I drove the IS 250 F Sport which has a 2.5L V-6 and it seemed underpowered. I bought a 2016 IS 300 AWD F-Sport and it is fine for me. Would have liked to find an IS 350 AWD F-Sport but the are rather rare.  

You may want to try to fine a late model certified IS as it will have the rest of the factory warranty and has a 2 year/unlimited mileage warranty being certified. 


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