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  1. A friend of mine asked me about getting Android Auto working in his Lexus ES. Apparently, Android Auto was supported in later year ES, but not the 2019. Also, it seems as if the 2019 Lexus ES supported Apple Car Play, but not Android Auto (what the heck?). So, is there a way to use Android Auto in a 2019 ES other than replacing the head unit?
  2. Of course after this discussion, Lexus announced the IS 500 and the limited production Launch edition (500 in the US)....
  3. Not sure about the 2.0L turbo engine in that IS. You should drive it to make sure it has enough power for you. I drove the IS 250 F Sport which has a 2.5L V-6 and it seemed underpowered. I bought a 2016 IS 300 AWD F-Sport and it is fine for me. Would have liked to find an IS 350 AWD F-Sport but the are rather rare. You may want to try to fine a late model certified IS as it will have the rest of the factory warranty and has a 2 year/unlimited mileage warranty being certified.
  4. BMW has it with the "nostrils grill". I do find the Lexus nomenclature confusing. Some models have an "F Sport" which may or may not mean changes in horsepower and handling while others have the "F" designation which appears to be a different engine. Everyone knows what a BMW M is as well as the Mercedes AMG. Not so with the F...
  5. Is it the overall style or the grill in particular? The grill is a polarizing feature - hated and loved. I believe that Lexus wanted to try to stand out from the crowd. So many cars seem to just look alike these days.
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