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I did a BI-Xenon retrofit with AFS and LED upgrades on the headlights

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Hello everyone, I want to share the work I did to exchange the old projectors with newer G5 bixenon projectors and the additional work I did to the headlights.

- I used special brackets from Aliexpress to mount the G5 projectors in to the spot of the old RX330 / AFS projector.
- The high beam function was spliced in with the halogen high beam.
- Also I added LEDs around the high beam bowl to get a white DRL
- I added white LEDs in the bi-xenon projector to get a devil eye optic when the DRL are on.
- Additionally I exchanged the side markes to be amber LEDs behind the stock white reflector.

This was a two stage process because the first time I only exchanged the old burned projectors for newer RX330 projectors.

The old burned projector and the newer RX330 projector:
Since the second set was also a little burned when I put it in I started to research on other options and I found the brackets and G5 projecturs suitable for my headlights.

The bracket to adapt the G5 projector into the spot of the RX330 projector

the G5 projector found its new home

The LEDs for the DRL:

The leds for the devil eyes:

LED board for the sidemarkers:

DRL and devils eyes on:

More information can be found on in the projector retrofits section.

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Excellent work! Thanks for sharing. The bright LED lights of newer vehicles tends to make our older ones look very dated. Before I bought my MX5 Miata, the previous owner, at the age of 21 had done essentially the same thing. He even installed LED fog lights. Every mod is still working after more than 7 years.

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