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  1. When I open the trunk on or after a rainy day there is always water driping out from underneath the tail lights. The water comes out of the side of the trunk lid. Is this normal or is some sealing missing or maybe a drain hole clogged?
  2. Did anyone mod the rear turnsignal to have a second bulb per side in the part of the taillight that is in the trunkcover? I know it is a long question. To explain it a little better there is this reflector below the back up light that looks like an extension of the turn signal in the outer tail light. I think it would look cool if that part would light up as well.
  3. Everything works. The problem was in the driver seat. Darn. The door position is on the left in the front and on the right in the back. Pretty weird. I didn't put on the cover with the labeling last time because I wanted to use more LEDs. When every switch is in the right position there is no problem.
  4. is there any other possibility? Maybe I could put a resistor on the plug. But I am not good with electronics and I don't know how to figure out the right resistort of if this even could work in the way I want it.
  5. Thanks I will try to find one. Hope this does the trick.
  6. Helly guys. I have the following problem: The car was in a small accident and the headlights now have broken taps. The AFS is not working on the righthand side headlight anymore and the left headlight has a small crack but is water tight. The "AFS OFF" light is blinking constantly in the dash no matter what I do with the small button. I would like to replace both headlights and I wouldn't mind to replace them with headlights without the AFS function. But I would have to turn off the AFS permanently to get rid of the blinking light in the dashbord. Is there anyway to do this?
  7. Update: I replaced the 7.5A "Dome" fuse under the hood. the lights work now but only in the "ON" position. It seems like the still don't work in the "Door" position. I ordered more replacement fuses and then I will look for more things that might be wrong.
  8. I just checked the fuse boxes and there is absolutely no wirening for the stock DRL on the European models. I espacially want the US/Canadian look so I will have to look for some device that feeds 6volts to the highbeams to function as DRL.
  9. I have an Italien RX in Germany. And I would like to know the same. Leaving the lights in the "ON" position is not an option because they don't shut off automatically when you leave the car. A rather loud bell rings that reminds me to turn off the lights... But I would also like to have DRL lights as they are in the USA. It seems like I can not just activate them b/c they were never an option in the EU.
  10. Hello I just tried to upgrade the interiour lights to LEDs on my new to me RX400h. Everything worked good in the front but in the back I caused a problem and then somehow neither the front, rear, door od trunk lights came on. I tried to find the right fuse but I haven't had any luck yet. Someone here that experienced a similar proplem?