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Mileage on 2006 430 sc

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So far I am getting around 21 mpg, mostly highway driving.  Some people report up to 29 on their 430s.   I am running the car more in regular Drive, and have a K&N air filter.  What mods or habits are good for mileage on these cars?   Hard to believe anyone really gets 29 mpg. 

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That's about what I get too in SoCal. I between 20 and 21 MPG depending on what I am doing. And that is mostly freeway miles. I don't know who these people are getting 26 +, but I would like to talk to them.


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I've been getting 18-20 mpg around town, having fun, in power and normal mode, not much highway at all. I haven't tracked mpg for any all-highway trips, but the the closest thing to that was 19.8 so I expect about 20-21. 

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Now I am getting about 23 mpg, which goes up a little with all highway driving.  It is quite acceptable for a performance car. 

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