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  1. You posted this in the wrong forum (LS 430) you want to find the SC 430 forum.
  2. I've been getting 18-20 mpg around town, having fun, in power and normal mode, not much highway at all. I haven't tracked mpg for any all-highway trips, but the the closest thing to that was 19.8 so I expect about 20-21.
  3. Thanks for the tip, Paul. I have one Toyota and 2 Lexus vehicles, so the i905 looks like a good choice. I also have a Subaru, so maybe the "iCarsoft JP V2.0 Diagnostic Scan Tool for Japanese Vehicles" which seems to include Subaru. A little more money, but perhaps worthwhile if it has more functionality and covers Subaru too. These are my vehicles (in order of priority, which is also oldest to newest): 2002 Lexus SC430 2003 Lexus ES300 2009 Toyota Sienna 2015 Subaru Impreza I am emailing iCarSoft for advice, but if you have thoughts, please share.
  4. And now I know I have headlight washer. Thanks Paul!
  5. I couldn't resist responding to this older thread, as I am in a similar situation. Kind of on a whim, I just bought a 2002 SC430 from a retired gentlemen that only put 30K miles on it. I am vacillating between buyer's remorse (my pockets aren't that deep, what have I done?) and feeling as though I won a lottery. I towed it on a auto-transport trailer to get it home, and can't drive it until a new title arrives. So I haven't driven it more than 10 miles. I have had the same thoughts on the "pie plate" wheels, didn't like them very much at first but they've grown on me. Mine is not red, it's blue. Here's a picture.