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I have a repeated issue where the display indicates the AC is on with the fan speed on high yet no air comes out of the vents.  I’ve had the vehicle to the dealer multiple times but they can’t find a problem.  The problem is intermittent.  I had it at the dealer when the fan wasn’t working and they still told me they couldn’t replicate it.   Has anyone else had a similar issue?

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Hi Andrew....welcome to the Forums

Sounds like it could be the heater fan speed resistor pack failing.

Should be easy enough to locate it near the heater unit and see if the insulation is breaking up on the resistors in the pack>
Replacement should resolve the issue

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    • By drtimuselton
      My blower motor underneath the glove box started making an awful noise and then got to where it would stop spinning and shut itself off.  I removed it and found the fan to be extra wobbly and not smooth.  So I bought an after market replacement blower motor.  When I went to install the new one, as soon as I plugged it in before mounting it, it started spinning without the car even running.  I started the car, turned the AC on and off and could not get the fan to stop.  So I called a friend and was told that probably one of the 3 prongs in the clip together style plug was wired differently and therefore, it was getting constant power from the battery itself.  So I returned the part and got my refund and ordered a more expensive part online that was OEM.  It arrived today and when I plugged it in, it immediately started smoking and basically fried itself... with the car off.  Is there another part to replace simultaneously with the fan blower motor?  What am I doing wrong?  When I plug the old wobbly one back in, it works correctly until is wobbles itself to stop.  Any help is GREATLY appreciated as I cannot find anything online to help me trouble shoot this situation.
    • By MartyW
      My 1999 ES-300 has had an intermittent radiator fan stoppage for three years. Mechanics can't find the problem, because it's so intermittent. The symptoms are: temperature gauge starts to rise quickly, I stop, get out, open the hood and find the fan is not running. I tap on the relay box a couple of times and the fan starts. Then I am OK for anywhere from two weeks to six months.
      The most expensive relay has been replaced, to no avail.
      My question is this: Are the relays meant to start the fan only when it is required because of temperature? If so, is there a way to wire them so the fan runs all the time? Living in Arizona, I don't think the engine is going to get too cool.
      Any other ideas or similar problems?
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