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2008 LX570 AC fan blower motor issues


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My blower motor underneath the glove box started making an awful noise and then got to where it would stop spinning and shut itself off.  I removed it and found the fan to be extra wobbly and not smooth.  So I bought an after market replacement blower motor.  When I went to install the new one, as soon as I plugged it in before mounting it, it started spinning without the car even running.  I started the car, turned the AC on and off and could not get the fan to stop.  So I called a friend and was told that probably one of the 3 prongs in the clip together style plug was wired differently and therefore, it was getting constant power from the battery itself.  So I returned the part and got my refund and ordered a more expensive part online that was OEM.  It arrived today and when I plugged it in, it immediately started smoking and basically fried itself... with the car off.  Is there another part to replace simultaneously with the fan blower motor?  What am I doing wrong?  When I plug the old wobbly one back in, it works correctly until is wobbles itself to stop.  Any help is GREATLY appreciated as I cannot find anything online to help me trouble shoot this situation.

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