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 Now I know this might sound crazy but my Lexus LX 470 will start and run just fine. You can shut it off fill it full of gas and it will start right back up. If you shut it off and wait 45 minutes it will not restart it just cranks. If you let it sit for three or four hours it will start right up. Any ideas?  I’ve had the starter replaced and that did not fix the problem. 

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Do you have a diagnostic scanner to check for DTC codes? Could it be your gas cap? The only wild guess I can dream up right now is some kind of a vacuum problem or vapor lock situation. Im assuming here that this only happens after the engine is at normal operating temperature. 


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Might be worth checking the battery. This happened to me before with a depleted battery. I used it for ~5 years, a few times it drained beyond "recharge" but I still managed to manually charge it to full. While on engine running, it went up up to ~13.3-13.5V (as due), when i left the car idle for a day or two, it went down to ~12.3V (lower than due). Sometimes i was unable to start from the first attempt; sometime had cranking first but waiting for a few minutes, it somehow readjusted and started (but not always). 

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