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With Nav or without?


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Howdy, new to the forum. Looking at a 2006 LS430 with Nav, has had recent timing belt, water pump, and belts replaced, a bit under 150,000 miles. No known damage history.

The one I'm looking at now is in the color combo I like but one concern is the Nav.

So what goes wrong with Nav, can/does the screen totally die, and if that happens

do you lose HVAC controls?

Are there any suitable replacements for the Nav system, or are you stuck fixing what

is in there, and if you have to do that, is it pricey,  do it yourself or send it off somewhere??

Anything else specific to check before buying?








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Yes, the HVAC depends on the navigation screen.  If the nav fails you could either replace it with a used one (e.g. from eBay) or have it repaired assuming there are companies that still repair these things.  Sure it can be pricey.  These were fairly expensive cars when new.  Since the HVAC depends on the OEM navigation screen, it's not possible to replace it with aftermarket and retain the HVAC controls.

I don't think the navigation screen has a high failure rate but there are never any guarantees.

Here's a sales listing for highly equipped lower mileage LS430  that was obviously originally sold by Servco Lexus in Hawaii and which doesn't have nav - unusual in that it was brought to the mainland (California):  https://www.autotruckvillage.com/details/used-2002-lexus-ls-430/52721380

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