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Lexus RX400h hood support replacement tip

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Hello, everyone. 

After 13.5 years and 120,000 miles, the hydraulic piston hood support in our RX400h finally decided to give up. Here's what I found:
1. The OEM replacement at the local dealership is $125.
2. Aftermarket ones are $13 - $18, depending upon quantity purchased.
3. Unfortunately, the OEM support is pretty much permanently attached at the lower end bracket and the bracket itself is not readily available. I did find one at a Lexus parts website but the Lexus part number listed was for a rear hatch bracket, and its photo did not look like the one I have. Thus, the aftermarket replacement appears to be a bust. I tried removing the OEM mount from the bracket but it seems the only way to free the ball socket from the bracket's ball is to use a cutoff saw/Dremel disc. Even then, you may damage the bracket pivot ball. I do not advise doing this unless you are well-experienced.
4. The OEM replacement comes with the bracket, The online price is about $75 + shipping. This is what I had to buy after returning the aftermarket supports. (I had bought a 2-pack for $25.)
5. While the OEM support is not assembled to the bracket, its lower pivot ball snaps in fairly easily. Here're the steps required to do the job, assuming you bought the OEM "kit":

a) Remove the two engine bay plastic covers - one over the battery and one closer to the firewall. This will allow you access to the support bracket screw.

b) Have someone hold up the hood while you use a small flat blade screwdriver to pop out the support's upper pivot socket retainer clip. You don't need to completely remove it - just pull it towards you a bit. If you get carried away and cause the clip to fly off in a dark corner of your driveway or garage, you can always use the old one.

c} Swing the support down and remove the lower end bracket's screw with a 10mm socket and ratchet wrench or box end wrench. Be careful not to let the screw drop down into nevernever land. Place the old support assembly away from the engine bay. 

d) Pop the new support's lower pivot socket (the one that has no retaining clip) onto the new bracket's pivot ball. Install the bracket and its screw, and then back out the support's top pivot socket clip as you did to the OEM's clip.

e) Pop onto the upper pivot ball, the support's pivot socket, reinstall the plastic covers, and lower/raise the hood a few times to verify proper operation.

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RX400h, Great write up on the replacement. I have not need to replace the hood support. Since my RX400h is 14+ years old and 170,000 miles. I think it is any days now. This can help me save a few bucks 🙂




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On 4/19/2021 at 10:14 AM, scchen said:

RX400h, Great write up on the replacement. I have not need to replace the hood support. Since my RX400h is 14+ years old and 170,000 miles. I think it is any days now. This can help me save a few bucks 🙂




You're welcome, Chih (scchen). Your RX is one year newer than my RX so I would guess that your hood support struts will need to be replaced, soon if they haven't already.

Best regards,



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On 4/20/2021 at 4:32 AM, Bykfixer said:

Ya mean I don't have to keep a 2x4 in the back anymore? 

Right on!! 


Welcome aboard scchen. 

Mike - funny story: When I was about 12 years old and playing baseball in the Sandy Koufax league, our coach Don would give some of us a ride home every so often. Before we got into his car for the first time he warned us to never touch the 2x4 behind his (driver's) seat. One day while he was driving, we started goofing around and laughing when the kid sitting behind Don accidentally kicked the stick. Don, a hefty-stature guy suddenly was looking at the car roof as his car drifted alarmingly from side to side. Thankfully there was no subsequent accident.

 We all thought it was funny but Don surely didn't and boy did we get a verbal blasting! 😄

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