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Hybrid battery failed - 2007 Gs450H with 107,000

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Few days ago dash said check hybrid system and it stopped using the electric motor.  It seemed to still charge the battery as the blue lines will increase but it never uses it, and the blue lines also go down.  Took it to a dealer and they said it has a bad cell - $6500 for a new one.

There is a hybrid refurb place around here and they quoted $2500

Anyone have any thoughts?  Guessing not a huge market for a 450 with no hybrid battery...  Also wondering if it's bad to drive it right now, the dealer said it would run like that "for a while" but its designed to use that hybrid battery so its not good for it?

Thanks for any ideas/advice.

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Personally if you like the car, go to that independent and have them check the system and rebuild whatever cell is bad.  Lot cheaper than a new car.

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FWIW I went ahead with a refurb and used greenbean.  I had an excellent experience with them (despite it being my mechanics first gig!).  They were the lowest price (<2500), they came to you to do the work (almost immediate available time slots), and the best warranty (unlim miles and 5 YEARS!).  Also warranty transfers if I sell the car.

Everythings back to normal and all is well.  

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