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  1. Buy a cheap scanner for $20 first The shop def a rip off. Oem MAF sensor is $14 on ebay. Labor is 5 min you do yourself.
  2. High mileage synthetic oil like from Mobile 1 helps with the leaks becasue they added chemicals that actually swell up the seals and reduce the leaking, but some say the added sulfur will clog the cats.
  3. If you have techstream you can use a new or virginized key and add it to the cars memory codes.
  4. I agree the screw to adjust the headlights up and down are really in the back corner. I can reach the passenger side but cant reach the driver side, whgich is aiming high. All I can do is raise th passenger side higher also. I dont want to take the front bumper off or the inner wheel well and fender to reach it.
  5. Make sure the struts and strut mounts are in good shape, they usually wear out at 50-60k
  6. Buy a cheap handheld obd2 scanner online. You can reset the codes and see what comes back because some are related and some are not.
  7. I have original sensors on my 2007 gs450h so now they are 12 years old already. I would say you bought some bogus sensors with weak batteries.
  8. d4s if you want factory is $40 each aftermarket is $8 each
  9. Are you guys testing the battery cells under load charging and recharging? I get the check battery light every 100 miles or so because I am sure some of my cells are weak, but I use a portable hand scanner to erase the code and the car drives fine for awhile. When the CEl comes on sometimes the gas engine still runs when at a stop or idle when the batteries are full, when t should not JVasquez even if the batteries are in bad shape if the car starts it doesnt need the hybrid juice the gas engine should be on all the time if there is gas in the tank.
  10. Its possible the dealer did not put enough oil in the car after the oil change, therefore was on borderline medium or low level, not the full level. Its entirely possible to burn 1 quart of oil every 2-3k miles. The low engine oil sensor will light up when it is about 2.5 quarts low from the full line
  11. The main reason for oil consumption is worn rings on the pistons, and this is more common as the mileage gets higher. I burn about 1-1.5 quarts of oil every 5k miles on my 07 GS450h You should check the dipstick oil level and match that with the miles driven before it reads low again. The light comes on when the oil is low about 2.5 quarts from full level. It is possible to have an oil change and the level is low but not enough to trigger the light. Then after driving 2k burn 1 quart of oil and the light goes on.