Windows open, doors unlock and sunroof opens unexpectedly

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My 2013 RX350 on 3 consecutive occasions this week has greeted me in the parking lot (not the same lot location) after work with all windows down, the sunroof open and all doors unlocked.  On the first occasion, I locked the doors manually from the driver's door when I exited.  The second occasion, I used my FOB to lock the doors and on the 3rd occasion, I used my wife's FOB.  Luckily nothing was taken and there was no rain, but this is scary.

Both front door lock actuators were replaced 3 months ago, but these incidents just happened this week.  The car battery (original battery, 44k miles, 2013 model) has not been disconnected nor has any other work been done within the past 3 months other than a routine oil change 2 weeks ago.

I've seen several listings on multiple sites where owners have stated this has happened to their Lexus (various models), but I can't locate where someone has stated the cause and a fix.  I typically do all the routine mtc. myself, including the door actuator locks (replaced the small motors instead of entire actuators for $6 each side), but this may be an issue for the dealer.

Can some one please assist?



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I've seen a number of posts from owners of Lexus LS sedans about this - probably because the LS was the first Lexus on which one could open the sunroof and windows by holding down the unlock button on the key or fob.  I've read about it happening to owners of owner Lexus models too including the RX.  A few people have had their interiors soaked by rain.   

The most common cause of the problem appears to be what I jokingly call "Tight Pants Syndrome", i.e. an object in a pocket (or purse) pushing and holding the unlock button causing the windows and sunroof to open.  I've wondered if this problem has become so common that it is the reason the feature is turned off on the 4th generation (2016-up) RX.  A Lexus dealer now has to activate the feature on request.

Have you had your RX for a long time but this problem only recently arose?  How far is your workplace from the parking lot?

The remote can have a remarkable range.  On my last LS, I could open the sunroof and windows from about 150 yards away by pressing and holding the unlock button.  On my current daily driver (Toyota Sienna Limited - "The Adult Size RX" 😁 ), I can open the sliding doors and hatch door with the fob from about the same distance - I do it every weekday in hot weather as I leave my office to let heat escape from the interior as I walk to the vehicle.

That's my best guess.  I've learned to be more careful with the remote fobs.  I've also managed to set off the alarms on our vehicles when doing things like kneeling to pet the herd of cats that meet me at the door when I get home.  And I've managing to open one of the sliding doors on the Sienna while it was parked in my garage.  I try to remember to remove the fobs from my pocket as soon as I get home.

If you've had your RX a long time and this problem just started happening then may it is some sort of electrical problem.  Regardless, if you do not routinely use the fob to open the sunroof and windows, you might want to have the Lexus dealer deactivate the feature - done with a scan tool through the diagnostic port.


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