2010 ES350 - AC Blend Servo Door/Actuator Issue

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Recently, my battery died on my 2010 ES350. After jumping it, I noticed there's heat coming out of the driver's side (and rear) vents, but cold air coming out of the passenger's side vents. I checked fuses and everything seems to be fine. After some research, read that maybe the AC Blend Servo Door is stuck (or maybe I shorted it or something when I jumped it). Does anyone have any other thoughts/suggestions? Am I on the right track? If so, can anyone point me to a step-by-step of how to get to the blend door servo (I don't have a repair manual) to check or replace it?

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There should be a reset for the HVAC system, and after an online search I couldn't find it posted anywhere, but one exists. You might find a service tech at Lexus to share it with you, but then again, Lexus holds its cards close to the chest. If a reset doesn't do the job, then the center console needs to come out of the dash to give you access to theHVAC body and the various actuator doors, and checks made.

This link:

is for the 2007 Lexus ES service manual. Scroll down (use the elevator on the right side) and check out about a third of the way down for the Air Conditioning System. There are many separate pdf sections you can check, particularly the Diagnostic Codes, and Mode Check procedures. You may find what you need there. At least its a place to start. Good Luck! Even if you don't find a solution to your issue, save the Service Manual location, as everything about the 2007 is there, diagrams and procedures for all, and much will apply to your year ES as well.


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Came across this YouTube video: 

It, and several others on the same page of YouTube, are all on the Blend Door issue with various Lexus models. There may be something there for you to check out.               Plug this into your browser to find it and the other related videos.




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