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1997 ls400 starter replacement cost


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On all 1UZ-FE engines the Starter is located under the Intake Manifold, starter replacements in general are usually around $500 - $900 depending upon certain conditions (shop price, part price, labor costs, ect...). If you are a DIY kind of person, jobs like this can save you quite a bit of money, but from the information available on Lextreme it is a rather involved process.

How to change your starter in a 1UZ-FE Engine

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Any shop that is charging $500. in my area you would not want to take a car there. You'd likely have more problems after wards. Its not an  easy job, and you should not expect to have it done for nothing. If I was a shop and charging to do that job it would be $1500. and I would want a week to do it. Why? Old cars with heat damaged electric wires and connectors as well as hoses etc. If it was just a simple twist the wrench job then yeah, it would be a cheaper job to do. Its all the other things that are the problem.

And most important remember that shop has to stand behind the work. All they got to do is goof up, on the rear coolant cross over manifold and have a leak. Then the job has to be done again and all for free. So that is also why I would charge accordingly. If you want cheap do it your self. It is not a fun job.

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Talked with my mechanic today about the cost if it needed to be done on my 92 lexus LS400, he said parts, labor and tax would come out to around $1100. If you have a friend that is a mechanic and you have a decent set of tools, you and him could probably knock this out in 4 or 5 hours and just pay parts and buy your friend a nice steak dinner and save some serious $$$. The good news is with a decent replacement OEM quality part these things generally seem to last around 150K-250K miles, or so I have read many times.

My previous about $500 - $900 was from my experience in my 2002 Dodge Stratus which needed that service done, average price quote on that was $800, but do NOT buy those cars.

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My nephew has done 5 LS starter jobs (2 were mine + 3 friends) he charged 400. and BYOS....  4 to 5 hours each without hurrying .. ps never had a comeback.

photos was my 99 in 2010.. still going strong.







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If you or a friend is mechanically inclined and have a manual or just find a tutorial here or on the web you can tackle this job yourself. It;s not as hard as everyone makes it out to be IMO. Just take your time and make sure to soak ALL the bolts the night before.

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No mechanicing is hard. The problem is all the lack of space behind the engine, and the plastic crap that will break. Electric connectors etc. The wire loom prevents fully removing the rear coolant cross over manifold, and with no space removing each starter bolt cost me an hour each approximately. Maybe things are easier on Billys 99.

And besides I don't try to rush on some things I work on I try not to scratch or dent etc. People that don't care about stuff can do it at break neck speed, just like I can do getting parts at the wrecking yard where I don't worry about messing something up. I think I could get the starter out in an hour or so on a junker with the right tools.

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