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I just purchased a LEXUS GX 460 2017. The info said 15 city / 18 highway and I did not read anything different on the consumer reports that I read.

I am currently getting 9.4 to 9.5 MPG. I took the car to the local service department and they informed me that this is normal for the winter and for the type of driving that is currently being done on the vehicle. Is this true? Is everyone experiencing similar issues?

Some info about the car and how it is being driven: GX 460 2017 Premium / Fuel Grade 91 / The temp outside has been in the mid 30s-Low 40s / Car is being mostly used for 3-5 mile trips around town (a lot of stop signs and signals / driven at a normal pace / some idling waiting for the kids (5 min) at school.

Any suggestions on whether or not this is normal?


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Seems reasonable to me. Cold weather might be a reason but 15 city MPG the manufacture gets is not under this (a lot of stop signs and signals/some idling waiting for the kids (5 min) at school) condition and your trip (3-5 miles) also seems too short to get a high MPG. I live on Long Island where some people drive like 1/4 drag race and I get 15 combined. it's still lower than what they say but acceptable to me.

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I just purchased a 2017 GX for the ability to carry more children.  I simply love it.  So comfortable for a truck.  We took it on a 600 mile trip last week and got over 21 mpg with 6 passengers, an ice chest and duffel bags with clothes.  Driving around the city I get around 17 mpg which I am happy with.  I use only 91+ octane fuel and the GX only has 1000 miles on it.

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