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  1. cicio

    UNDER 10 MPG?

    Seems reasonable to me. Cold weather might be a reason but 15 city MPG the manufacture gets is not under this (a lot of stop signs and signals/some idling waiting for the kids (5 min) at school) condition and your trip (3-5 miles) also seems too short to get a high MPG. I live on Long Island where some people drive like 1/4 drag race and I get 15 combined. it's still lower than what they say but acceptable to me.
  2. I've heard Lexus is using rain repellent glass, but I'm wondering does it still repels water if it gets polished? Does anyone know this? Just got front bumper painted last week and overspray on every window. Tried clay bar, razor blade but nothing really works. Considering polishing the glass.