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Simple Anecdotal information regarding wheel clearence over 1998 LS400 front calipers


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I've poured over the many threads regarding wheel fitment on the 95+ LS400. and am still unsure.

I have heard many of the mustang wheels (specially those with bigger brakes) will bolt right onto the LS400 with no fitment issues.

I like a few of those wheels and would very much like to have my LS400 rolling on 17x9 Mustang Cobra R wheels.

Please confirm or dispel this based on your personal experience only!





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I've been on Lexus forums for a lot of years and I don't remember anyone using Mustang wheels on a Lexus LS - not that it can't be done.

I don't know how many versions of these Mustang 17x9" wheels there are but these I found have a 24mm offset:  http://www.oewheelsllc.com/Mustang-Cobra-Deep-Dish-Wheel-Gunmetal_4?gclid=CjwKEAiAn7HEBRDHwNqitoWqsQcSJAADWmI29Eyk1GeTXbL-Fs3zB5-08JBIP6hbtbnEqyUT6oUBZRoCfuLw_wcB

Wheels and Caps, where I've bought refurbished OEM wheels, show 1995 LS400 wheels as having a 45mm offset:  http://www.wheelsandcaps.com/p-20690-aluminum-alloy-wheel-rim-16x7-74140.aspx

That's a big offset difference.

The "normal" tire size used on the 2001 LS430 with the 17" wheel option is 225/55-17 which keeps the speedometer accurate and reading the same as with the standard 16" wheels and 225/60-16 tires which was the tire size used on the 1993-2000 LS400.  According to 1010 Tires, the widest rim for a 225/55-17 tire is eight inches:  http://www.1010tires.com/Tools/Tire-Size-Calculator/225-60R16/225-55R17

A local wheel or tire shop might be able to help you with this.  If you have found some used Mustang wheels locally, I assume you could test fit them.





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