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Gen 4 GPS disk for Hawaii

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Hello, We purchased our 2006 Lexus 400h new with GPS in Oregon.  We had the disk updated last year.  We shipped the car to Hawaii and the GPS no longer functions. Apparently Hawaii has its own disk.  I called the parts department here on Hawaii and they want $250.00 for a disk that is factory backordered with no idea how long it will take to arrive.  They allegedly cannot call anyone at Lexus to inquire about lead time or expediting freight at my cost.  Anyone have a 2006 Lexus with GPS in Hawaii?  Mahalo!

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I'm almost surprised that a Hawaii specific nav disc will work in a RX made for mainland U.S.  I think you are stuck with working with Serveco.  I wouldn't be surprised if a Hawaii-specific nav disc is no longer available since there probably isn't much demand for them.  Maybe you can get a nav disc from a salvaged RX.

The 2006 - 2009 RX has the same generation nav system that my 2014 Sienna has - "OK" but not nearly as much map detail as the later generations.

Have you considered using a portable GPS like a Garmin?  Garmins get four free updates per year and you can get a really nice one for less than $250.

I just put the address of Servco Lexus Honolulu in my Garmin without any problem ... I could navigate to it except for the road getting a little wet between Kansas and Hawaii.

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Thanks for the replies. I have a Garmin, my interest solely lies in making my Lexus factory gps function on Oahu. Lexus and Toyota sells an enormous amount of cars on Oahu, I have to think some had GPS...  will check salvage yards. Was hoping to hear from someone oin Hawaii with factory gps to confirm. Thanks

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