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99rx 300 replaced coil but still has no power


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Hi all 

I was hoping someone could help me out my sons car had a misfire and got the coil replaced but still has no power 

can anyone help me out 

it will go in drive and reverse but won't go over 5mph 2nd time coil been replaced within a year

thanks for your help 

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Hi Robin...welcome to the Forum

Have you tried a different brand of coil as the replacment one may be defective?

Alternatively, it could be spark plugs in addition to the coil that has failed.

Let us know what you find

Cheers   Trevor

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Could you run codes and give us that info....it would help us help you.  By the way welcome aboard.  Sounds like it is in limp mode, you could have other issues such as knock sensors/etc. but without codes don't know...

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Trevor and Lenore

Thanks for taking the time to respond to my question. So I took it to my regular mechanic and he ended up replacing the ignition coil and the mass flow sensor for a total of $425

Again I appreciate your help and happy I found this site!

All the best 


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