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CD player stuck in Error 4

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yesterday I tried to eject my CD and it got stuck in Error 4. I have tried the following so far to fix it:

1. Used a credit card and tweezers to pull the CD- when I open the CD door, i can't see any CD but some metal box thing. Assuming it's the CD player :)

2. Remove the Radio 1 fuse - now the system is showing that I have 6 CDs in the player but actually I have just 1 which is stuck in error 4

any other ideas to fix it?

its out of warranty :(

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I suppose you could try what this person did when he got an ERROR 4 on his 2004 RX330:  http://www.fixya.com/cars/t621935-error_04_cd_player

CD changers sometimes get cranky as they age.  I burned almost my entire CD music collection to a micro SD card in my phone and stream music wirelessly to my audio system.  CD changers are getting rarer in new vehicles.  Some models made by Toyota that used to have CD changers now have only single CD players and even those may not be around much longer due to CD's falling out of favor similar to what happened to cassette tapes.

VAIS has interfaces that would work on your RX including this one that adds A2DP Bluetooth:  http://www.vaistech.com/site/sl3b.php

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I had the same problem:  I first unplugged the radio fuse for a day- this sometimes works. When it got stuck the second time I bought a cassette with a plug end to use with my Apple  I Touch and in about a two week period I rechecked the CD and found no error 4 and I could remove all of the CD's

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