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Extended warranty on RX-450h

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12 hours ago, Joe Keller said:

I'm buying a 2016 RX-450h and wanting to see if other members have found a cheaper price on extended warranty.

I have found the extended warranties not necessary on these cars.  But You can research the warranties on google, and find a dealer elsewhere in the nation that might offer it cheaper.  That is a very negotiable item, just like the car. 

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Hi Joseph and welcome to the Club.

I am not a fan of extended warranties. A new 2016 RX is one of the most popular and reliable models Lexus makes. In fact, both J D Powers and Consumer Reports rate Lexus as the most reliable car brand. The RX comes with a 4 year, 40,000 mile warranty. This is a "bumper to bumper" plan. There are items that are offered with the plan that are not in the factory warranty. It also extends your "worry free" position and that is sometimes when a extended warranty can help protect your investment.

On the other hand, extended warranties are major profit items for dealers. According to information I've seen, the extended warranty can give the dealer as much as 50%.profit. Regardless of what  model I owned , I have never had a problem that cost more than the cost of the warranty. 

My advice would be to by-pass the extended warranty.


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