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Car was running fine on friday and on saturday morning started normally and ran for about 5 seconds and died.  It turns over but won't start.  No codes. Never overheated.  new timing belt, water and oil pump, wires, plugs, crankshaft pos sensor, coils, maf, etc. no smoke out of exhaust.  I can hear the fuel pump come on.  Checked a bunch of fuses. Shop says drivers side of engine has low compression

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Its a deal where you determine if you have fuel pressure and spark.  Since you hear the fuel pump maybe you have fuel pressure, next check for spark. Just because something is new it doesn't mean it is good. Or even a wire or connector could have come off, something like the Crank sensor.  It sounds like there is no signal from a cam or crank sensor, so the ecu will not fire the ignitors or the injectors that is my guess.

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