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  1. Its 2800 for a used engine install.
  2. Timing belt was just replaced. It was running great and then wouldn't start all of a sudden.
  3. Shop says engine has no compression and rings are probably bad. Does anyone know a good place to buy a rebuilt one? 94 ls400
  4. They said they think the engine rings are bad.
  5. Car was running fine on friday and on saturday morning started normally and ran for about 5 seconds and died. It turns over but won't start. No codes. Never overheated. new timing belt, water and oil pump, wires, plugs, crankshaft pos sensor, coils, maf, etc. no smoke out of exhaust. I can hear the fuel pump come on. Checked a bunch of fuses. Shop says drivers side of engine has low compression
  6. Yes, it's been a while. Had extensive work done on the car while I am out of the country and they said it is ready but they lost the key and remote that controls the alarm, door locks, auto start, and trunk. How would I get a replacement of the same type, and would this have been a factory installed item?
  7. Ended up driving a rental for two months while a shop did the timing belt and changed the starter for $2400. It still has some issues: CEL with a code 13, and the first time you start it on a given day, it takes much longer to start than normal and runs rough for about ten seconds. After that it drives fine, and when started later, will start normally. Shop said it was the MAF sensor, and I think that is a mistake. Slightly annoyed I paid so much and it still has a CEL and doesn't start right. Any ideas?
  8. Wish I could sleep as easy as Landar =)
  9. I...didn't torque that much. Impact wrench? (a few hours later) Just saw a video where they cut holes in a 2x4 to hold the pulley while being torqued. I cleaned all the sensor connectors with contact cleaner. Apart from this, not sure what could be wrong. The tensioner was very tight and had to rig door hinges in a clamp to get it to where I could get a pin in. Only thing I didn't change other than that is the idler pulley and tension pulley.
  10. Just quit running and won't start. Code 12.
  11. You put on the TB, then tighten the tensioner and remove the pin.
  12. Yes, Landar has definitely been a guiding light/sherpa in this foreign land.
  13. Tensioner is just two 12 mm bolts. After you tighten the bolts, you remove a pin that holds it down prior to install.
  14. It runs "OK." Has CEL and code 13- Rpm #2. Dumps PS fluid when I turn it off, maybe air in system? Going to do some reading on code 13. Ever heard of the length of the crank shaft pos sensor bolt causing issues? Everything was great until that fell off, and then had to change the oil pump. I keep adding to this. Not completely sure about the spark plug wires, though am too poor right now to buy more...will ohm them.
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