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I have a 2001 Lexus 300 rx.  I lost my non fob key and have active fobs but no key as they key broke off.  I am using my emergency key and want to get replacement fob covers with a key and don't know if I have a long key or a short key as that appears to be a distinction and I don't know the correct serial number either.  

Please Help


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I know what you mean. The cases on the keyfob for my 04 ES330 both came all apart from wear. I went to the dealership and ordered two new cases with the keys and they transferred the electronic module out of the broken cases, into the nice new cases. It did take several days as they have to be ordered and cut. I think they were a couple hundred dollars for them but they are something you do need so...

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I have a 2000 RX300 with 215,000+ miles on the clock and over the years the dealer has replaced no less than a half-dozen of the key cases.  They cut the keys in the Parts Department and transfer the electronics from the old key to the new one at no cost.  Fortunately they have all my records and when they try to charge me I just mention that they've been providing these replacements at no cost and that's usually the end of the story.  The problem is so bad that sitting on the parts counter is a display from an aftermarket supplier for a replacement key case that will NOT twist apart from simply normal use.  The only problem is that they want $150 to buy one.  I don't think so.  This is clearly a design problem.  With the newer proximity keys this is no longer an issue but I also have a 2002 BMW 5 Series with 100,000+ miles on the odometer and it's still running perfectly with the original remote keys.  Lexus has buried their heads in the sand on this issue hoping no one notices or will simply continue to pay for replacement keys that were faulty from the day the vehicle was purchased.  The only thing in question was when they would fail.  My recommendation is that before anyone hands over serious money to a dealer that you inform them that you know this a common generic design problem and that Lexus should comp the replacement cases in the interest of customer loyalty and support.  The worst thing they can say is, "I'm sorry."  At my dealership this seems to sort of fall into the category of a "hidden warranty."  The dealers are NOT performing this service without getting comped by Lexus.

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