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Afs Linked To Headlamp Switching Off Problem?

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I found many topics on issues with intermittent HID headlamp failures but none that refer to something I noticed on my GS300. My left side headlamp often die and then I have to briefly switch off the lights and back on to get it on again.

Over time however I noticed that the lamp goes off when in a sharp right turn but only at higher than parking speeds. I then remember reading that the AFS (adaptive front lighting system) only operate at above 6mph and that the right turn (right hand drive) result in a more promenent turn of the lights than when turning left (not sure why but its actually more obvious that the lights turn when turning right than left).

My conclusion is therefor that the intermittent problems may have nothing to do with the lamp age (as most people concluded in other posts) but may be linked to the AFS turn mechanism.

Does anyone know how the turning mechanism work and if there could indeed be an explanation to this, maybe related to the wires or connector that may be loose or something?

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