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2006 A/c Filter (disambiguation)


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2006 Lexus LS430.

Can someone distinguish the difference between an "A/C Filter" and a "Cabin Air Filter" and a plane "Air Filter" in specifically

the 2006 LEXUS LS 430?

Is the "Cabin Air Filter" the same as the "A/C Filter" and the same as the warning "Replace A/C Filter" on dashboard?

Is it correct to say:

1. The "A/C Filter" is located under the hood in front right corner behind Grill and Right Front Headlight.

2. The "Cabin Air Filter" is located behind the Glove Box behind a panel which has to be removed to access it.

3. How do I "RESET" the warning light "Replace A/C Filter"?

4. Does this warning light indicate to replace both?

It appears the 2006 is much different from the earlier LS430 model years like the 01, 02 and 03

Thanks Guy for all your help!

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It may be the same as my '04. Some models have both a front and rear cabin filter (also known as an A/C filter).

The warning message is pre-set to come on after x number of miles (just like the maintenance needed warning message).

Replacing either filter does NOT reset the warning light, just like changing the oil does not reset the maintenance needed light.

Reset procedures to turn off the warning messages are located in the owners manual. If not, most mechanics know these reset procedures as they reset almost ALL makes and models when serviced. Usually, it is as simple as "hold x button down for y seconds after doing z (like turning ignition to on position).

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