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  1. What to check on 2003 LS430?

    I've done basic repairs, things like tires, brakes, spark plugs, oil and filter, cabin a/c filter, fresh antifreeze, fresh brake fluid. My O2 sensors showed up on the trouble code at @150K, and I had my mechanic replace all 4 ( they're hard to get to).Thats about it. Best car I've ever owned, now have 240K and runs like new. Do have your mechanic check it out, including trouble codes showing up. I'd stay away from crash-damaged (body worked) cars. Good luck!
  2. What to check on 2003 LS430?

    Timing belt done at 100K?
  3. What to check on 2003 LS430?

    Service records?
  4. The panel is held by push-in plastic clips. Pops out with upward pressure using the paint can tool (#3 instruction above). You may need more force using tool, or try using 2 paint can openers on a corner of the panel, pulling up. Mine had gunk around the edges of the panel, making it a bit harder to pop up.
  5. Smart key battery dies repeatedly

    Duracell is my battery of choice for the smart key. My '04 came with 2 owner keys and a valet key. One of my owner keys has some issues with battery life-so I use it as a backup key, kept in a zip- lock with battery removed.
  6. The door latch will close at times on my Chevy, causing the door not to close and latch correctly. To fix, I have to pull the inside door handle out with one hand and open the closed greasy latch with the other hand. It's like a little flip catch mechanism. May be the same with the LS
  7. Synthetic oil LS430

    I use 10/40 summer, 5/30 winter. Frequent oil & filter changes is probably more important than weight, however. My '04 LS430 has oil & filter changes every 3,000 miles, Mobil One synthetic, and runs great after 235,000 miles.
  8. Smokey68

    I bought OEM floor mats from the Lexus dealer in Va Beach a couple of years ago, all 4 for @ $100 or so, which came with the plastic hold-down clips. Very reasonably priced. Still rug on rubber, however.
  9. LS 430 Trunk Lifter problems

    I would first contact liftsupport.com and explain the issue with what they sent. Sounds like you need stronger struts (more gas charge) than you were given. They were very helpful with a strut issue I had on my LS430 at no charge. Worth a try before going OEM.
  10. Smart key not recognized

    A hand mirror and flashlight makes it easier to see the 2 buttons, which are labeled, while sitting in the driver's seat. Low tire warning is removed by turning on ignition (but not starting engine) with key inserted in key slot, if you still have issues with smart key , then holding in low tire button until the warning goes out. Smart key button, next to low tire button, will have 2 positions, either in or out. I believe in is active, and out is off, but my car is not here at the moment to check.
  11. Warning light

    I had my independent mechanic run the codes when this warning occurred on my '04. A single O2 sensor near the engine was tripping the code. Of course, this one (of 4) sensor was in really in a tight area of the exhaust pipe. I let the mechanic replace it. I bought the sensor at Advance Auto, reasonably priced, and went ahead and replaced the other three sensors myself (as the car is 12 years old), @ a 30 minute job.
  12. Advice, please

    Keep the LS430. Ours has over 200K miles with only brakes, tires, and O2 sensors replaced in the last 4 years. We just drove it from NC to FL, spent @ $120 in gas roundtrip. Quiet and comfortable on the long trip. And SAFE doing 70+ MPH on I-95.
  13. The cup holder unit that I bought online was an exact original replacement. Spent $145, lowest I found for a new part replacement. My cup holder would not stay down as it had worn a grove in the plastic by the metal pin. If you just need to replace a broken spring arm, it appears to be replaceable, held in by a screw underneath. You will still need to remove the assembly to get to the screw holding the spring arm.
  14. I finally ordered an original cup holder assembly unit for my '04 LS 430 online as mine had one broken spring arm AND would not stay closed. It is extremely easy to replace! Only 2 tools needed- a phillips screwdriver and a cheap metal paint can opener, a 10 minute job! 1) Unscrew the gearshift knob counter-clockwise. Hand pressure only (1 minute). 2) Pop out the control switch panel using the paint can opener. Just lip the tool just under the plastic and pull straight out, left side then right side. leave the wire harness attached and move the box to the left side of the gearshift knob. (this box sits on top of the front of the plastic wood grained panel and hinders its removal). (1 minute) 3) Push in the cup holder and lip the paint can tool under the right rear plastic panel and lift up. this light pressure will release the clip underneath. Then pop the left rear side, then pop the front right side. (no clip on the left front) Lift the panel over the gearshift knob and hang to the right side (leave cigarette lighter wires attached) (2 minutes- TAKE YOUR TIME AS THE ACCUMULATED CRUD AROUND THE PLASTIC NEEDS TO RELEASE AS WELL) 4) Now the cupholder is exposed, 4 black screws holding it in place. Remove the 4 phillips head screws and lift out the cup holder assembly. (2 minutes) 5) Screw in the replacement cup holder assembly, pop the plastic panel back down (finger pressure) and pop in the switch control panel box. Hand tighten the gearshift knob. (4 minutes). DONE! 10 minutes max, unless you want to clean up the crud on the edges of the panels with a damp rag (warm water only)- add another 5 minutes. Piece of cake! :D
  15. Ls430 Beyond 100k Miles

    We purchased an '04 LS430 with @100K on the odometer. It now has @200k and still runs as well as at 100. It is a superior car. Comfortable, well made, extremely reliable. We also have a Toyota FJ that the wife loves. Over the past 8 years what I've done: - regular oil & filter changes every 3000 miles (I use Mobile 1) - K&N washable air filter, regular cabin filter - new Michelins (4) 2013 - 180K timing belt/water pump - new brakes and rotors, 2014 - O2 sensors. (one went bad, so.I replaced all 4, keeping the other 3 And thats about it. Our Daughter now drives the car and will take it to college next year. I expect that she will still be driving it until she graduates from college.