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  1. Hello, I'm looking into weight reduction and I'm trying to figure out the weight of the trunk and hood. I plan on replacing both however I've heard from one source that their 2000 IS has a 40 pound hood, another said mine is 80lb. Its a full steel hood so I'm hoping it's heavier than 40 pounds. Thanks.
  2. I was wondering if anyone knows the weight of the hood trunk and doors on a 2002 gs300. I've heard the hood is 80lb and others have said it's 40 lb. Thanks in advance.
  3. I’m debating adding a carbon fiber hood and trunk to my gs300. Possibly more if it really works. However after a bit of digging I’ve seen a mixed basket of opinions. Some saying their carbon fiber was heavier, not lighter and others saying it’s great. I’m not planning on everything becoming carbon fiber but like as I said above hood and trunk just to start. Do any of you have trusted brands you know work? Or sellers on eBay? Thanks!
  4. Alright. Thank you! When you say race do you mean track or just pushing the car in general? Because I do push my car not daily but often. I have a SRI and a new back end exhaust as well as headers, a tune and a turbo on the way. Obviously if i program if for 93 octane after all that it’ll probably up my performance with all that right? Or could I still keep it at 87?
  5. I have an 02 Gs300 and the manual calls for at least 91 octane. Now fuel is different then it was 15 years ago so what’s the difference or more so equalivilant. 91 octane then is = to *blank* octane now. I’ve been using 87 and been doing alright. I don’t wanna jump to 93 if I don’t have to. I’m ok with 89. Thank y’all in advance.
  6. Just wanting some opinions and maybe intake names and examples. I would like to get one very soon here and I'd like to know which ones people have gotten and how well they have worked for you. As well as installation troubles or ease. Thanks!
  7. I would really like to make my lexus faster. The gs allows for some nice cosmetic work, which i've capitalized on. ( Black wrap on top, halo style Lights, planning to tint windows and add new wheels) but on top of the cosmetics I also want be faster to match the cosmetics. I plan on adding a Cold air intake as well but I really want to know if I can add a Turbo and if so what kind of strain can I expect on the engine?