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Discovering Hidden Damage After Cpo Purchase


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Hi guys,

I would appreciate your feedback on my situation. I bought a CPO 2011 ES350 in December 2014. Lately my front sensors started going off without any reason, so on my last service I asked the advisor to check them out. He told me that the bumper has had impact and the retaining clips are broken, sensors will need to be replaced. Because it was physical damage, my CPO will not cover it. The total $950+tax, etc. I was so shocked by what he said, I told him Thanks but I don't want to do anything at this time.

That should have been the first red flag because there has not been an impact of any kind since my purchase of the vehicle.

Anyhow, I called my insurance, told them of my situation and went to Lexus Certified Collision Center. Today the repair rep called back saying that they found the retaining clips duct-taped in place, and they're ordering the new ones to replace.

How crazy does this all sound? I am so disappointed, shocked and appauled that I don't even have the words to describe the feeling. This was my first time buying Lexus because of their superior customer service, durable vehicles, and all other good things that come with a better class of vehicles. But this discovery is leaving me feel really very sour.

I have called the dealership General Manager and left a voicemail briefly mentioning the purpose of my call, and requested that I get a call back to discuss further.

What are your suggestions? Is this even possible? I thought CPO was a very rigid program and only the best vehicles could earn the title. Now I feel duped because I bought an extension of the CPO for up to 6yrs/100K.

Please advise on what my course of action should be, and how to best proceed with this. I like the car, but now I'm uncertain as to what else was hidden that will be discovered as the car ages.

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A CPO inspection does not include removing bumper covers to verify that parking sensors are undamaged. The Lexus dealer was duped by the previous owner or lessee and the problem was probably inadvertently passed on to you. I would hope that the Lexus dealer would take care of this at no cost to you particularly since you took it to a Lexus collision center. But if not, you might as well have the damage fixed at your cost and move on.

Something similar happened when I purchased an off-lease 2000 LS400 in 2003. When someone hit the rear of the car a few years later, previous hidden unrepaired damage was discovered. I paid whatever was necessary to repair the additional damage and moved on. I doubt if the selling dealer knew about the hidden damage so I didn't bother to bring the issue up with the seller.

I think your case if a bit different in that you bought your ES only eight or nine months ago. I would be interested in hearing what the dealer says about this.

That 2000 LS400 was the only used vehicle I have purchased since the 1970's. No more used vehicles for me.

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I emailed the dealership VP, GM, and Pre-Owned Sales Managers after posting the thread. I have just gotten a call back from the Sales Manager acknowledging the email. He is going to have service pull inspection, and other records for the car because I gave them the vin number. He said he will also have the GM get invovled and get back to me. I will keep you guys posted.

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